What are the Benefits of a WFPB Lifestyle?

What are the Benefits of a WFPB Lifestyle?2019-01-28T12:43:02+00:00

Did you know that a WFPB Lifestyle can actually prevent as well as REVERSE established disease such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes?? It greatly decreases the risk of developing cancers and many autoimmune diseases. It improves gut flora, which, in turn, improves immunity and mental well-being.

 The side effects of this lifestyle change? Better sleep, more energy, potential pounds lost, better mood, increased longevity and younger appearance due to the many positive changes you are making on a cellular level.  Plus, you can be proud that you are not only saving 100’s of animals from an inhumane life every year, but you are helping to save our planet in the process! Health, Animals, Planet…now that’s a trifecta!!