We created Plant Yourself Healthy solely to assist you and others when it comes to transitioning to better health with relation to time, knowledge, personal hurdles and needs. We will be a liaison between you and your health and we will help you to become a critical mind in the world of nutrition where advice and claims have become very confusing and often misleading.

We will guide you in how to incorporate more whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into your daily dishes and we help you manage your meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, eating out and other challenges you might encounter.

We understand that everyone is different, therefore we offer one on one coaching for those who prefer a fully personalized approach or group coaching for those who enjoy having the support of others going through a similar journey. Whatever program works best for you, we are dedicated to help you, support you and cheer you on along the way!

“Plant Yourself Healthy and Kelly have been a tremendous lifesaver for me, I cannot thank Kelly enough! Years of debilitating systemic lupus, kidney failure and eventual transplant, depression/anxiety, procedures like open-heart surgery, have left me depleted of energy. Since I’ve been on a plant-based diet, I’ve felt more ALIVE! The diet gives me a lot more energy; many of my daily symptoms have subsided dramatically like arthritis. I’ve also lost a substantial amount of weight, which I have gained a lot post kidney transplant due to daily steroids. I highly recommend Plant Yourself Healthy- “be prepared to see and feel the quick changes”?

Ying Su. Larchmont NY