Meet Kelly

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I’m Kelly Weichsel-Arya, RN, and I’m a Plant-Based Nurse Educator who found out very early on in my training what great lifestyle/nutritional education can do to totally transform anyone’s health to wellness.

On my travels as a foreign scholar after my Bachelor’s from University of California at Berkeley, I decided I wanted to enter the medical field in order to help make changes in what I saw as sub-optimal nutrition education for patients suffering from chronic illnesses that could largely be prevented through a change in lifestyle habits. I realized that most physicians, including my own father, were not trained in nutrition, and were not optimally able to guide their patients in disease prevention. The more common scenario was to prescribe a pill to manage symptoms with no reversal even being regarded.

So, along with my business partner and friend, Florence, we have launched a consultancy program in New York, offering free plant based seminars to multiple sectors of the community, including our local ambulance corps, with which we both also volunteer as first responders/EMTs.

My vegan journey began almost 12 years ago in California with many bumps in the road and has given me great experience in the challenges of transitioning. I am a member of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and consult for a physician in another state.

When I can make time from my duties as mother to four kids and wife, I love to sing, grow organic vegetables, cook Indian food for my busy Indian husband as well as teach anyone and everyone who will listen about the virtues of a plant based existence!