We all know someone who is really thin compared to us and we think “wow, they must be so healthy. I wish I were that thin and healthy”.  Well, it’s impossible to see what’s really going on on the inside of them, but I’ll bet you also know many people who appear thin but also have been diagnosed with some of the most prolific chronic diseases we have these days.

Haven’t you heard of people just shockingly keeling over from a heart attack (men and women) who seem to look just fine? In other words, from the looks of them you would never have suspected that they had THAT kind of problem…

Pretty much any diet will take off pounds. Even if you eat just a (I’m dating myself) few Twinkies a day, you’ll lose weight. But what’s going on inside your body is a Whole. Other. Thing. It’s the all the difference in the world, actually.

You can pretty much simplify it like this: Food choices either build you up or break you down. Now, that’s not very eloquently said, but what I’m trying to say is that foods that do not promote health, promote the opposite of health, which are things like internal inflammation, insulin resistance and other bodily reactions that lead to chronic disease, which, in turn, leads to…yeah, you guessed it, premature disability and death.

Ok, you’ve heard that all before, but what you probably haven’t heard about before is something called “intramyocellular lipids”. Yes, that. Wait, what? Ok, let’s break it down:

Intra=In  the myo=muscle  cellular=cells  and lipid= fat

So: “fat that resides inside muscle cells”

Now, this is really interesting because it is a big part of what explains thin people becoming diabetic, etc. Too many fat droplets lodge themselves within muscle cells and cause insulin resistance which leads eventually to full blown type II diabetes. There’s plenty of debate within science circles about which came first, the disease or the intracellular lipids, etc. But, the esteemed scientists whom I follow like this explanation.

This kind of situation is also related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, if you’ve ever heard of that. It’s also related to insulin resistance. Well, enough of the science.

What I’m trying to say is that plenty of slender looking people can have either of these issues lurking within them without even knowing it until they become fully-blown diagnosable and discovered by their doctor.

The good news is that a whole food plant based diet and lifestyle can reverse this trend and that’s what we’re all about. You can literally Plant Yourself Healthy!

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